Ghost Tours New Orleans New Orleans

GhostTours New Orleans

You need not go to a cemetery to find a ghost, not in New Orleans where the living and the dead share the space and even party together. This is a haunted city.

We know our ghosts and on this tour we introduce them to you, learn our history and commune with the ghostly legends. Our past is rich with truth and legend and our present is rife with hauntings. With graveyards above ground we simply can't keep our ghostly friends from visiting and haunting us, and we would never want to restrict their powers.

The truth about modern day ghosts such as Zach and Addie, Our Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, Jazz legend Bessie Smith will all be learned. we end our tour at the most haunted place in New orleans Madame Lalaurie's torture chamber.

All of this as we tour our haunted streets surrounded by the music that is fuel to our souls and catnip to our ghosts.

New Orleans Tomb

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